Industrial Vacuum Type Electric Screwdriver

Model : EPSH-B2-3.0

 By making small changes from EA-203 ~ EA-BN419 series screwdriver and adding a vacuum pick-up adaptor; the vacuum type screwdriver can works for non-magnetic screws, such as plastic screws; aluminum screws; stainless screws…etc.

 Various sizes of scraew are accepted just changing the suitable size of vacuum pick-up adaptor. Easy and convenience.

 In condition of setting the non-magnetic screws on the screw setter; the powerful vacuum screwdriver will enhance the working efficient a lot.

 RECOMMEND: To be ordered Screwdriver + Suction Head + Vacuum Pump + Power Supply

Ex: EA-B203L/C6 + EPSH-B2-3.0 + PH001560B1 + EAP-200E/C + SP-B32HL61T6