Electric Screwdriver


Brushless DC Full Auto Shut Off (28)

Sumake Electric Screwdrivers are well-suited for precise tightening of critical components that demand high accuracy (±3%) and mobility. They feature a high-functional brushless motor, significantly improving the service life and eliminating concerns about pollution. The entire series covers a wide torque range from 0.008 to 50 Nm (0.07 to 442.56 Lbf-in). Additionally, we have incorporated unique functions including a screw counter, power supply, and slow start into a single device. These electric screwdrivers are suitable for a variety of industries, such as the assembly of laptops, digital cameras, game consoles, watches, smartphones, glasses, toys, drones, communication equipment, and high-tech products. They are especially ideal for clean room environments requiring precise assembly.

Vacuum Type (10)

The combination of suction head and electric screwdriver in the pneumatic suction electric screwdriver enables fast and stable screw operations in various situations, such as plastic screws, aluminum screws, stainless steel screws, and non-magnetic screws. This type of tool is commonly used in electronic assembly, precision machinery, cellphone repair, and other applications that require high efficiency and precision. It reduces the risk of screw dropping, improves work efficiency, and facilitates operations.