Cordless Screwdriver

Innovative Brushless Motor Assure The Best and Reliable Quality

Industrial 18V Brushless Cordless Screwdriver

1. Brushless motor design: no carbon dust, low noise pollution, low maintenance cost.

2. Brushless motor: 2 years warranty for Shut off screwdriver. 1 year warranty for Semi-auto/Impact screwderiver & Wrench.

3. The max. Torque up to 22 Nm for Shut off type.

* Lithium Ion Battery: With efficiency motor increase the productivity: 6000 screws on
loading 22Nm torque for 3.1Ah battery.


Model : ES-BS1002A-25

Model : ES-B1815L

Model : ES-BS1003A-25

Model : ES-BS1004A-25

Model : BT-11420001-20

Model : ESM-B18100-20

Model : BT-10323001-15

Model : BT-21828001-30

Model : BT-21828002-30

Model : ESM-B18160-40

Model : ESM-B18160-20

Model : ESS-B1805-20