• 10.8V Brushless Full Auto Shut-off Cordless Screwdriver

10.8V Brushless Full Auto Shut-off Cordless Screwdriver

Model : ES-B11002H/E-30, ES-B11003/E-30, ES-B11005/E-30

High Accuracy Assurance: ±3% deviation of torque, assure the best quality.
Ideal for limited space or areas where cables and hoses impede handing flexibility, e.g., car interior electrical, car assembly, factory assembly etc.
High mobility and lightweight ergonomic design, easy to carry and operate. 
Dormancy Mode: Once the screwdriver idles for over 5 seconds, if will turn to sleep mode to save the energy and increase the standby time. The power will be cut off when idle time exceeds 24 seconds, press the trigger to restore power.

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