Model : SF30A-3.0

It is manufactured by fast; stabilized and convenient design principles; which combine with pneumatic/electric screwdriver; Hi-tech Auto Feeder and High-precision Screw Jaw to escalate the screw fastening speed in order to significantly enhance the production efficiency.

The Screw Jaw will be customized according to the customer’s screws and work-piece to ensure smooth and stable operation.

Automatic feeding to completely save the screw picking and moving action.

Applicable for 2.5mm – 6.0mm screws.

It provides faster operating speed up to 20 - 30 pieces of screws per minute.

The torque-controlled screwdriver is used to improve the fastening quality for the customer.

Fiber Optic control intellectual-type feeding; saving power while avoiding short supply.

It is equipped with Spring Balancer to provide load free operation experience.

You may also select TA-22030; TA-22050; SDC-01;TS-01 and TS-02 to provide a variety of accessory combinations according to the actual work need so as to achieve high-performance fastening quality.

Automatic screw supplier for Screw: 3.0mm; Length: 6-22 With Air Straight type screwdriver (Small); air tools

Model #SF30A-3.0

Model #


Screw size


Screw length (A)

6 - 22

Max Screw Head

(A)/1.3 - 10.5


± 0.2

Size (WxLxH)

35x25x38 cm3

Net weight

22 kgs



Air pressure

5 kgs/cm2

Packing: 1 sets/Ctn/30kgs/3.68 cuft