14" Wet and dry cut off concrete saw

Model : PT-C21401

The PT-C21401 is popular. Users like this Stone cutting tool because it is compact, lightweight, reliable and proves itself day in and day out, all day long. Designed for wet cutting and also perfectly for dry cutting.. With the added benefit of a 14” cutting wheel, it will handle cuts up to 4.9 inches in depth. This cut-off machine backs up its larger cutting capacity with a ton of usability features.

14" Wet and dry cut off concrete saw




110~240V/ 50~ 60Hz

Power input

110~120V: 1,700W

220~240V: 2,800W

No load min¯¹



20mm or 25.4mm (min 1")

Max. capacity/Blade diameter

355 mm (14")

Max cutting depth

125 mm (5")


625x250x365 mm3

Net weight

18 lbs(8.3 kgs)

l  Certificate: ISO 9001, CE, CB, CSA

l  Product warranty: 18 months

l  Overload protection



l  Hand-held saw for concrete, masonry and stone.

l  2,800W motor offers powerful fast cutting performance and has full electronic overload and thermal protection.

l  The balanced, chainsaw style handles allow maximum control and ideal visibility of the cut.

l  The detachable guide rollers makes it easy to keep the blade perfectly square to the cut.

l  The integrated water feed system allows fine tuning of the water supply.

l  Designed for Wet cutting and also perfectly for Dry cutting.

l  Magnesium alloy is used for the blade guard, gear plate and gear case for maximum strength and minimal weight.

l  The blade guard includes locking tool-free adjustment.

* Designed for wet cutting and also perfectly for dry cutting.